Long Term Medication Claims | PetProtect Ltd.

Make a VioVet Claim

It's actually really simple

How to make a claim for VioVet:

  1. Download a Self-Certifying Claim Form. You would have also received one in your delivery from VioVet. Claim documents are in Adobe Acrobat format. If they don't open automatically get the free Acrobat reader from the Adobe website.
  2. Complete the claim form. You do not need it completed by your vet.
  3. Enclose:
    • Self-Certifying Claim Form
    • VioVet invoice
    • Prescription invoice from vet
    Please note: If you are claiming for a consultation cost as well please complete a standard claim form which will need to be signed and stamped by a veterinary practice.
  4. All documents submitted must be furnished with a veterinary practice stamp
  5. Return all documents to:

    Pet Protect Pet Insurance
    Furness House
    53 Brighton Road
    Redhill RH1 6RD

    0345 6024797
    8am-6pm Mon-Fri

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to inform you before I need to make a claim?

You do not need to advise us before you wish to make a claim, unless the treatment carried out is not at your usual veterinary surgery.

How quickly are claims processed?

It can take up to 20 working days to process claims at busy periods.

Can my vet refuse to give me a prescription?

No, your vet is legally obliged to give you a prescription for medication that they would ordinarily supply themselves.

Will my vet charge me for writing a prescription?

Vets can charge a reasonable amount to write a prescription and a reasonable cost would be anything up to £12. This is not normally covered under your policy but reasonable charges will be considered when purchasing prescription medicines from VioVet.co.uk. Please include the receipt with your claim.

My pet needs a consultation before a repeat prescription can be obtained, can I still claim for this?

Some vets may require a consultation with your pet before a repeat prescription can be obtained. This cost can be claimed back, however, you must use a Pet Protect standard claim form when claiming for this cost. The long term repeat prescription claim form can only be used for medication and prescription costs.

What is a repeat prescription?

If your pet has a long term condition your vet can give you a prescription that can be repeated up to five times or six months' supply. You should place your order for the full amount on the prescription including repeats.

NB. Some medication prescriptions e.g. Controlled drugs, are restricted to one month's supply.

I need my pet's medication urgently; can I fax or scan and email the prescription?

Yes, VioVet.co.uk can accept faxed or scanned prescriptions, however, you must send the original to them via post.